fredag 21 februari 2014

Visit homes

The thing I like the most about my job is meeting all these nice and fun people. The visits I did, together with photographer Jenny, last summer/autumn are now starting to get published. Great fun to see how it turned out! I really feel privileged to be invited into people's homes.

In January, we had features in Elle (Norway), Boligliv (Denmark) and Aftonbladet Härligt hemma (Sweden); The graphic designer Sabine from Sisterbrandt. Frida who runs the design studio Modelform. Right now you can see the great collector and flea market-pro Maria in the magazines Retro (Sweden) and Vtwonen (The Netherlands).

Very sweet women and families with nice and fun homes! Check them out, it's hard not to get inspired! I especially like the way they work with colours throughout the home. Spot on.

If you know somebody who is nice and cool and lives in an awesome place, please let me know.

Take care out there!

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