tisdag 1 april 2014

Visit Jenny and her family

A year ago we did Jenny, Jens, Viola & Frank's home in the south of Sweden. Love the home, so prestige less, fun and without anxiety. Now it is featured in the Swedish interior magazine, Hus & Hem.

söndag 23 mars 2014


This is the first fleamarket find in months. Especially the lady is sweet. Hope she is sensitive, listening well to what her child is saying. I have been thinking a lot lately about all the musts and stress there is to our society today. So sad. This weekend I found a bunch of beautiful texts, well-written and worth considering. If you understand Swedish, please take your time to read some of them, www.thinktext.se.

tisdag 18 mars 2014

My extended family

I hardly ever leave a fleamarket without a small - some would call it useless - thing in plastic, porcelain or metal. They are placed here and there throughout the home. I have some in our liquor cabinet. Not so practical if you ask my husband. The small friends fall easily. Well, well, I will never stop buying these useless little creatures. They make me happy.

Nice and pink!

We have a small transition room between the upper hallway and the living room. This is a "creative spot" with pens, coloured paper, glue stick, pearl beads, etc. We wanted to frame the area, make it more like a room, so we gave it a colour of its own - pink. It turned out really well, a nice contrast to all the white walls in our house.

söndag 9 mars 2014

Sunny spring Sunday

I was going to work today, but I decided not to. The sun is shining so I have been out all day, doing gardening-things without knowing what I am doing. Either I killed the bushes or I made them look younger. Well, well, this is a perfect Sunday anyhow. Coffee in the sun and kids running in and out.

lördag 8 mars 2014

My space

Where my workspace is, used to be a messy wardrobe. Our clothes and stuff are now in our bedroom, in closets that are meant for clothes - terribly ugly, but very functional. This is the only place in the house that I call mine. My husband has his music studio, the kids have their own rooms, and this is all mine. When the door is closed, mum's working. Don't disturb, unless you are sad, sick, got hurt or did something that you are so proud of that you cannot wait to tell.

torsdag 6 mars 2014

Dear companion

Today I have been working from home. Normally I do that all the time, but since w7 I have been back at IKEA, working as an editor/co-ordinator sort of. Great fun, super nice people. In week 15 I am back home again. Working from home means having this guy around. He is such a pleasant company.